A stereo amplifier with a power supply, based on the LM1876 microcircuit, is the junior representative of the legendary Overture line of chips. This microcircuit in terms of sound quality and features, almost completely repeats the well-known LM3886, with the exception of power. If the task is to build a high quality, inexpensive and simple stereo amplifier, then the original LM1876 is the best choice! On the board of the module, in addition to the amplifier, there are power supply elements: a diode bridge, smoothing and shunt capacitors, which allows the amplifier to be connected directly to the terminals of the transformer with 2 windings connected at the midpoint.
LM1876 microcircuits are supplied in two types of packages: insulated and non-insulated. In case of ordering a non-insulated housing, the set includes mica, insulating gasket
Maximum long-term power:
20W into 4 Ohm @ +/- 20V
20W at 8 Ohm @ +/- 25V
Harmonic distortion factor
THD 0.1% at 20W into 4 ohms and 0.1% at 20W into 8 ohms
Signal-to-noise ratio ≥ 101dB
Output protection against short-circuit to ground and to power rails.
Overcurrent protection 3.5A
Overheat protection
Amplifier class AB
Built-in protection Yes
Chip LM1876
Gain 23
Maximum supply voltage (bipolar / constant) DC 28V
Minimum supply voltage (bipolar / constant) DC 10V
Number of channels stereo
Power at 4 Ohm 20W
Supply voltage, maximum (alternating / 2 shoulders on) AC 18V
Supply voltage, minimum (alternating / 2 shoulders on) AC 10V
THD 0.1% at 20W at 4 ohms

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LM1876 original, stereo amplifier with power supply

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