About Us


    We are glad to welcome you, dear customer, partner or just a guest!

   We, a small team of enthusiasts, united under one credo, and this Quality. We are sure that everyone deserves to be surrounded by quality in everything from a penny trifle to a standard of living in general. At the same time, we believe that high quality and high price are far from the same thing, but nowadays, they are often complete opposites! In addition to the Creed, we are also united by a love of electronics in the broad sense of the word. Naturally, we cannot provide Quality in everything and everyone, but we can give it for little money in what we love and what we do, and this is electronics.

   Kit-Amp online store has combined several areas of production and trade in the field of radio electronics, in order to concentrate in one place everything you need for a radio amateur designer or professional. We are constantly developing, and this is not only the range and manufacturers, but also the knowledge, including that received from you in the form of feedback. It is this knowledge that helps us to become better, for which many thanks to you!

With best regards and best wishes, your Kit-Amp online store