Electronics housings

Electronics housings

When manufacturing practically any electronic device, be it an individual project, small-scale production or large series, it becomes necessary to place this project in a case. Housings for PEA (radio electronic equipment), simultaneously carry several useful functions:

1. Layout of all modules of the finished device in the immediate vicinity

2. Isolation of PEA (radio electronic equipment) from the environment

3. Electrical insulation

4. Mobility

5. Cooling

6. Aesthetic appearance

Only a factory-made electronics housing can provide all of the above functions at a high level.

If you decide to make or produce in series: transistor amplifier, tube amplifier, microcircuit amplifier, guitar amplifier, radio receiver or radio transmitter, transceiver, computer, server equipment and other electronic devices - in our online store you can choose a case for all these tasks ...

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