The LM2596S adjustable down converter module is designed to change the output voltage in the range from 1.25 to 35 V. The module can be used as a power supply, a power source for devices, batteries, to power high-power LEDs, etc.
The module board is designed on the basis of the LM2596 microcircuit, a tuning resistor, solid-state (polymer) capacitors, and other auxiliary electronic components. The LM2596 microcircuit is a step-down pulsed voltage converter, which has 8 pins and is made in the TO-263 package. The presence of solid-state capacitors provides high-quality voltage conversion and increases the life of the converter. The maximum value of the load current without additional cooling is 2 A. If there is an output power that exceeds 10 W, a radiator must be installed. The heat sink is attached to the housing of the chip. After connecting additional cooling, the load current can reach up to 3 A, and the output power up to 15 W. The efficiency of the converter can be up to 92%.
The chip has protection against short circuit (short circuit) and overheating (triggered at 150 ° C). Also has an output current limitation.
The power source and load are connected to the converter board using 4 metallized holes:
IN +: input voltage 4.5 - 40 V
IN-: "land"
OUT +: output voltage 1.5 - 35 V
OUT-: common load wire
Built-in protection No
Efficiency ≥92%
Input voltage, maximum (constant) DC 35V
Input voltage, minimum (constant) DC 4V
Output voltage, maximum (constant) DC 30V
Output voltage, minimum (constant) DC 1,25V
Size 43,1х21mm
The maximum current 2A
Transducer type DC-DC

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DC-DC Step-down converter, LM2596

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