300W DC-DC Pulse Buck Converter is designed to change the output voltage. Using this module, you can adjust not only the input voltage, but also the current strength. Changing the output parameters of the buck converter is carried out using multi-turn trimming resistors. The dimensions of the converter are quite small, so it can be used in small-sized devices. You can use this voltage converter as a driver of high-power LEDs, a battery charger with high capacity, etc. Replacing the tuning resistors with variables, and adding a voltmeter with an ammeter, you get a high-quality and at the same time inexpensive laboratory power supply.
The module board is designed on the basis of the XL4016 chip, the MBR20100CT diode assembly, the LM358 operational amplifier, and other auxiliary components. The PWM controller is mounted on the radiator body. For safety reasons, they are separated by insulation. Due to the diode assembly MBR20100CT, quite a large current can be present at the output of the board. The maximum output current is 10 A. When the current is reduced by 1/10 of the input value, the LED that is connected to the input and output voltage buses lights up. The operating frequency of the module is 300 kHz.
The module has protection against short circuit and overheating. The efficiency of the converter is 95%.
There are 4 outputs on the board:
IN +: input voltage 7 - 32 V
IN-: "land"
OUT +: output voltage 1.25 - 28 V
OUT-: ground
Power is supplied from an external DC source. The input voltage range of the converter is from 7 to 32 V. The output voltage range of the converter is from 1.25 to 28 V.
Built-in protection Yes
Efficiency ≥93%
Input voltage, maximum (constant) DC 32V
Input voltage, minimum (constant) DC 7V
Output voltage, maximum (constant) DC 28V
Output voltage, minimum (constant) DC 1,25V
Size 65х56mm
The maximum current 9A
Transducer type DC-DC

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DC-DC Step-down converter, 9A

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