The digital temperature controller is designed to automatically control the current ambient temperature in the range of predefined parameters. The measuring range of the ambient temperature is from -50 to +110 C. The determination of the ambient temperature is carried out using an external temperature sensor. The device can be used to measure and control temperature in cooling and heating systems, aquariums, rooms, incubators, etc.
General characteristics:
Information about the current ambient temperature is displayed on a three-digit LED display. The device board is developed on the basis of a microcontroller that compares current temperature readings with threshold values. The temperature controller can operate in 2 modes: cooling and heating.
Device connection:
The module board has: a connector for connecting a remote temperature sensor and a screw terminal block for connecting the load and the device’s external power source. Terminal assignment:
K0, K1: load connected (serial connection)
VCC: device power supply voltage
GND: Earth
There are 3 buttons for controlling the device:
SET (left): when pressed, opens the device menu or saves the changes
+ (central): increases parameter values
- (right): decreases the parameter values
Setting thermostat parameters:
The device board has a small menu. In order to open the menu, it is necessary to supply power to the device and hold down the SET button for 5 seconds until the menu parameter code appears. Then you can navigate the menu using the “+” and “-” buttons. In order to save the changed settings, it is necessary to press the SET button or not to interact with the device for 5 seconds. All saved parameters after turning off the thermostat remain in the memory of the microcontroller. That is, when you turn it on again, all the specified parameters will remain.

The device menu consists of 7 items:
P0: thermostat operating mode (H - heating, C - cooling)
P1: hysteresis value 0.1 to 15 ° C
P2: upper limit of temperature setting +110 ° C
P3: lower temperature setting limit -50 ° C
P4: correction of sensor temperature values ​​from -7 to +7 ° C
P5: relay enable / disable delay 0 - 10 s
P6: temperature value at which the device switches off (overheat protection) from 0 to +110 ° C
In order to reset the device to factory settings, you must turn off the power to the device. Then hold and hold the “+” and “-” buttons, and connect the power. After that, the value “888” should appear on the display, which indicates a successful operation.
Alarm Indication:
If the device malfunctions, the display may display the following error codes:
“LLL”: remote temperature sensor not connected to the device
“HHH”: temperature above or below the set range
“---”: overheat protection tripped
Device power:
The device is powered by an external power source. The voltage of the thermostat is 12 V. The LED (near the LED display), which is connected to the device’s power bus, signals power supply.
Built-in protection From overheating
Hysteresis accuracy, ° C 0.1
Hysteresis, ° C 0,1 ... 15
Power up 1000W
Reading update time, s 0.5
Size 48х40mm
Supply voltage maximum (constant) DC 12V
Supply voltage minimum (constant) DC 12V
Temperature measurement range, ° C -50 ... +110
The maximum current 5A-220V/15A-12V
Working temperature ° C 10 ... +60

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Thermostat programmable, -50 ~ + 110C

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