AC-DC converter, power supply 220V to 48V 4A is a switching power supply unit that converts the AC voltage of a household power supply network ~ 220V into a 48V DC voltage. Despite its compact size, this power supply can provide current up to 4A, this is achieved by increasing the frequency of voltage conversion when using a special pulse transformer.
A wide scope of application includes:
- power supplies for amplifiers,
- laboratory power supplies,
- LED panels, tapes,
- powerful DC motors,
- charging device,
thanks to which the power supply is universal. Also, small dimensions and low price compared to transformer counterparts, in some cases make it simply irreplaceable.
Built-in protection Surge protection<br />Over current<br />From short circuit
Output voltage, (constant) DC 48V
Power up 200W
Size 115х66mm
Supply voltage, maximum (variable) AC 265V
Supply voltage, minimum (variable) AC 85V
The maximum current 4A
Transducer type AC-DC

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Switching power supply 48V 4A, AC-DC converter

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