Universal charge module for Li-Ion batteries with current up to 1A. The TP4056 chip is used in stand-alone linear chargers of lithium-ion batteries with thermal protection in the SOP 8. The small number of external components makes the module ideal for various portable devices. The module has an indication of the charging process and turns off the battery when the voltage on it reaches 4.2V. At the time of charging, the red LED lights up, when the battery is fully charged, the green or blue LED lights up, the red goes off. The module is suitable for charging Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer (Li-Ion, Li-Po) batteries with 3.7V. Whether it’s batteries from a mobile phone or batteries of size 18650. You can apply voltage to the device in two ways: through the connector, Micro USB, or by soldering wires from the power source.
Distinctive features of the module:
Built-in charge end protection: 4.2 volts
Built-in output short circuit protection: 3A limit;
Built-in protection against deep discharge of the battery: +2.4 volts;
The module has the following connectors:
- Micro USB connector - the main interface for connecting input power;
- contacts “IN +” and “IN-” - an additional interface for connecting the input power;
- contacts “B +” and “B-” - contacts for connecting the battery;
- contacts “OUT +” and “OUT-” - contacts for connecting an active load
Built-in protection From overdischarge
From overcharge
Charging current up to 1 А
Full charge voltage: 4,2V
Full discharge voltage: 2,7V
Input voltage, maximum (constant) DC 5,5V
Input voltage, minimum (constant) DC 4,5V
Size 26х17mm

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4.2V Li-Ion Charge Module with Protection, Micro USB

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