212W 220V / 0-35-70Vx2.5A; 0-15-30Vx0.3A; 0-20-40V x 0.7A,, washer, 130x60mm
A powerful transformer with a set of independent windings allows you to create a full-fledged power supply for almost any amplifier with a bipolar voltage of 48V. The presence of separate windings at 30V and 40V with taps from the middle makes it possible to organize a galvanically independent, bipolar stabilized power supply for amplifiers / filters / tone blocks / preliminary stages.
It is recommended to use in audio frequency amplifiers with one and two polar power supply 48 V and other devices with the above voltages and currents.
Power 212W
Primary Voltage AC 220V
Secondary winding current 1+2 2,5A
Secondary winding current 3+4 0,7A
Secondary winding current 5+6 0,3A
Secondary winding voltage 1+2 AC 35V
Secondary winding voltage 3+4 AC 20V
Secondary winding voltage 5+6 AC 15V
Size 130х60mm

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Toroidal transformer 212W

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