The step-up DC / DC converter module is designed to receive voltage up to 28 volts and a load current of up to 2 amperes from power supplies with a lower voltage. The presented module of the step-up DC / DC converter DC / DC is assembled on the basis of the MT3608 chip, for which the module received the same name. At the input of the module (hereinafter MT3608) it is possible to apply a voltage from 2 to 24 volts which will be increased to 5-28 volts, respectively. The voltage required at the output of the device is set using a multi-turn trimming resistor, its resistance is 100 kOhm. By connecting the MT3608 converter to your device, you need to rotate the adjustment of the tuning resistor about 10 revolutions counterclockwise. After that, the module will begin to increase the voltage. Set the value you need. The MT3608 module board has an entry and exit sign, so there will be no connection problems. The MT3608 step-up DC-DC converter can use a solar battery, a battery or an AC / DC power supply with an output voltage of 2 to 24 volts as a power source. The module generator operates at a frequency of about 1.5 MHz. It is recommended that the output voltage on the converter exceeds the input voltage by at least 2 volts. This is necessary for the correct operation of the converter. To ensure smoothing of the ripple of the output voltage, an electrolytic capacitor with a capacity of 1000-4700 μF can be installed
Built-in protection No
Efficiency ≥93%
Input voltage, maximum (constant) DC 24V
Input voltage, minimum (constant) DC 2V
Output voltage, maximum (constant) DC 28V
Output voltage, minimum (constant) DC 5V
Size 37,2х17,3mm
The maximum current 2A
Transducer type DC-DC

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DC-DC Boost Converter, MT3608

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