The 150W boost converter is designed to change the DC output voltage. Using this module, you can design a power supply, provide power to high-power LEDs, etc. Also, the voltage converter is suitable for repairing electronic devices or charging various portable devices.
Before connecting the module to the device, it is necessary to adjust the value of the output voltage using a multi-turn trimming resistor. The microcircuit of the module is protected against overheating (it turns off at high temperatures) and the operating current is limited. The maximum output power of the voltage converter is 100 W, and the output current is 6 A with conventional cooling. The ripple coefficient is 2%, and the efficiency is up to 94%. The radiator is already mounted on the chip body. If the module power exceeds 100 W, and the current strength is 6 A, then additional cooling must be installed. The maximum power with additional cooling is 150 W, respectively, a current of 10 A.
Connecting the converter to the screw terminals is quite simple. Terminal assignments:
IN +: input voltage 10-32 V
IN-: "land"
OUT +: output voltage 12 - 35 V
OUT-: ground
The input DC voltage range of the converter is from 10 to 32 V, and the output voltage is from 12 to 35 V. The red LED, which is connected to the power buses, signals the power supply to the module.
Attention: protection against short circuit (short circuit) and reverse polarity is not.
Built-in protection No
Efficiency ≥93%
Input voltage, maximum (constant) DC 32V
Input voltage, minimum (constant) DC 10V
Output voltage, maximum (constant) DC 35V
Output voltage, minimum (constant) DC 12V
Size 65х47mm
The maximum current 6A
Transducer type DC-DC

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DC-DC Boost Converter, 6A

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