The most successful version in non-inverting inclusion. Only high-quality components are used. At the entrance, a high-quality polypropylene, film capacitor is installed. A high-quality non-polar electrolyte is installed in the NF circuit, again shunted by a polypropylene film capacitor.
The amplifier is quite a bit inferior to the LM1875 at the very top, however, the middle and the bottom beat unconditionally. With a sufficiently high-quality source, the amplifier subjectively does not require any correction in the form of a timbral block. Any possible troubles were "caught", in connection with which, the amplifier turned out to be relatively cold, even at capacities close to maximum.
Do not connect the "-" terminals of the speaker output to each other!
It requires two polar power supplies, it also requires heat dissipation in the form of a radiator. The area of ​​the radiator can, very approximately, be calculated from the need of 20 on 1 W of output power of one channel.

Maximum long-term power:
68W at 4 Om at +/- 28V
38W at 8 Om at +/- 28V
50W at 8 Om at +/- 35V
THD 0.1% in the band 20Hz – 20kHz at the above powers
THD 0.03% at 60W at 4 Ohms and 30W at 8 Ohms
Signal to noise ratio ≥ 92 dB
Protection of an exit from KZ to the earth and to power buses
7A overcurrent protection
overheat protection
Amplifier class AB
Built-in protection Yes
Chip LM3886
Gain 33
Maximum supply voltage (bipolar / constant) DC 35V
Minimum supply voltage (bipolar / constant) DC 15V
Number of channels stereo
Power at 4 Ohm 68W
THD 0.03% at 60W at 4 ohms and 30W at 8 ohms

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LM3886 original, stereo amplifier

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