Headphone protection.
The module is built on a specialized chip and provides protection for headphones in cases:
1. Transients when the amplifier is turned on
2. The failure of the amplifier and, as a consequence, the appearance of a constant voltage at its output.

The principle of operation of the device is based on opening the circuit between the amplifier and headphones. When the power is turned on, the relay contacts are open and transients accompanied by clicks and pops pass without the participation of headphones. After 2-3 seconds, the relay switches on the circuit between the amplifier and the headphones. In case of failure of the amplifier, and as a result, the occurrence of a dangerous voltage for headphones, a constant voltage relay disconnects this circuit. The device uses a high-quality original relay "" Fujitsu ""
Separate power supply required.
The module has an LED, the glow of which signals the connection of headphones to.

Supply voltage 12 ... 24V
The device provides headphone protection in any headphone amplifier
Comment channels 2
DC voltage threshold 1V
Headphone Protection Yes
Number of channels stereo
Supply voltage maximum (constant) DC 24V
Supply voltage minimum (constant) DC 12V

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Headphone Protector

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