Want to understand what sounds best from two: DACs / amplifiers / speaker sets?
Do you plan to purchase: a player / DAC / amplifier / acoustics kit, while the manager pokes the tsferki with a lot of zeros after the decimal point and claims that it is “this” that is the best solution at the moment and even offers to listen with 5 minute breaks to switch equipment?
Fond of audio technology and built your own DAC / amplifier / acoustics and want to compare with other products?
You want to improve your audio device by replacing an op-amp, but which op amp is it and is it interesting to hear the difference between them?
There is only one solution to the above and many, many other similar issues, these are your own EARS! It is only necessary to create the conditions under which they "see" the difference. The main such condition is instant switching between two working devices, whether it is a signal source, amplifier or acoustics, so that the brain does not have time to “erase” the nuances, the difference in which you are interested in.
A device (Сomparator COY) is offered to your attention, it is able to solve all the above issues and make the right choice exclusively for yourself, because it is known that how many people have so many tastes, including in AUDIO! This device (Сomparator COY) is assembled in the PowerBANK case and is completely autonomous and remotely controlled. Switching between the compared devices is carried out using the remote control and occurs “on the fly”. On the Сomparator COY case there is an LED indication of the current connected device.
Сomparator COY supports III operating mode:
I. Comparison of two amplifiers on one set of acoustics;
II. Comparison of two sets of speakers on one amplifier;
III. Comparison of two DIP8 op amps, or others through an adapter. Switching circuit - repeater (buffer), Ku = 2

Possible rental option. The price is 100 UAH / day. Charging for use starts from the moment of receipt by mail but no later than a day after arrival at the post office. Charge for the second and subsequent days begins after 24 hours. Payment per day is made in 100% of the volume, regardless of the real time of use. As a guarantee, 100% payment for the goods is accepted, from which the rental price is deducted.
The device is sealed.
Range up to 10m with direct visibility.
Amplifier / Acoustic Switching, Relay: OMRON G5V-2-12DC (2C)
Amplifier / acoustic power up to 100W
Low current / signal switching, relay: FUJITSU-TAKAMISAWA RY5W-K (2C)
Micro USB Charging - 5V
OU supply voltage +/- 12V
Built-in protection Yes
Micro USB charging voltage 5V
Number of channels stereo
Switching power 200W

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Device for comparing opamps and audio

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