Power supply unit of a powerful amplifier with bipolar voltage from a 12V car network.
This converter is used to power powerful amplifiers with bipolar supply voltage. It can work with transistor amplifiers such as Lanzar, Slap hands to Mikruham, etc. and any microchip amplifiers like LM3886 / TDA7293 (4), etc.
The powerful toroidal transformer has separate windings for low-current circuits, connected through stabilizers of the 781x / 791x type. This solution provides FULL galvanic isolation for power amplifier and pre-amplifier / tone block / filter power supply, which reduces the possibility of interference and background by an order of magnitude.
The board has LED indication of low-current output voltage and input 12V. The control (inclusion) of the converter is carried out via the ACC line from the radio or ignition, through the relay on the board. Connect the power to the module with a cable with a cross section of at least 6 mm. sq.
Short circuit protection at the output
overheat protection
30A input fuse.
Output voltage (power) +/- 25 ... 50V, default +/- 40V
Output voltage (signal) +/- 9. ... 15V, default +/- 15V
Power 300 W
Built-in protection Yes
Output voltage 4
Output voltage, maximum (constant / bipolar) DC 50V
Output voltage, maximum (low-current / stabilized / constant / bipolar) DC 15V
Output voltage, minimum (constant / bipolar) DC 25V
Output voltage, minimum (low-current / stabilized / constant / bipolar) DC 9V
Power 300W
Supply voltage maximum (constant) DC 16V
Supply voltage minimum (constant) DC 10V

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Power supply amplifier from the car network 12V

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