Introducing another high-quality volume-controlled amplifier in Class D on a TPA3116D2 chip from Texas Instruments
The circuitry of these amplifiers provides a significantly higher damping coefficient in comparison with class AB and other circuitry solutions. This not only guarantees stable operation with complex loads, fast, clear bass and a large dynamic range, but also provides a lower level of distortion, the absence of porridge, a lazy attack or blurring of the fronts, and most importantly, the amplifier’s ability to cope with completely diverse music equally.
The advantages of this amplifier:
- competent circuit solutions, their compliance with the requirements of technical documents, high quality components;
- low consumption at rest;
- high efficiency, the ability to work with a standard heat sink;
- the ability to work with low-voltage power supplies, in the flesh up to 5V;
- ease of connection and installation in any design;
- small dimensions and weight of the entire board assembly.
Supply voltage 5-24V with a current of at least 4A
The board is equipped with a radiator.
This TPA3116D2 amplifier can be recommended for:
- amateur radio designs with high output sound signal power (including self-powered);
- a laboratory amplifier for tuning and repairing sound reproducing equipment;
- alterations of passive speakers into active ones.
Amplifier class D
Built-in protection From polarity reversal
Chip TPA3116D2
Load resistance 4/6/8 Ohm
Number of channels stereo
Power at 4 Ohm 50 W
Size 83х50mm
Supply voltage maximum (constant) DC 24V
Supply voltage minimum (constant) DC 5V
THD 0,1%/25W/4 Ohm

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Amplifier with adjustable D-class, TPA3116D2, 2x50W

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