Miniature amplifier with volume control, class D on a PAM8610 chip from the American company Power Analog Microelectronics
The PAM8610 chip has 40 pins and is made in the QFN package. The amplifier has a small heat dissipation, small size and affordable cost. Low distortion coefficient allows you to get high quality sound with sufficient output power. The maximum output power of the amplifier is up to 15 W with a load of 4 Ohms, and the power of 10 W with a load of 8 Ohms.
The advantages of this amplifier:
- volume control;
- small sizes;
- low consumption at rest;
- high efficiency;
- the ability to work with low voltage power supplies;
- ease of connection and installation in any design;
- small dimensions and weight of the entire board assembly.
Supply voltage 7-15V with a current of at least 1A
The board is equipped with a radiator.
This PAM8610 amplifier can be recommended for:
- amateur radio designs with high output sound signal power (including self-powered);
- a laboratory amplifier for tuning and repairing sound reproducing equipment;
- alterations of passive speakers into active ones.
Amplifier class D
Built-in protection From overheating
Chip PAM8610
Load resistance 4/6/8 Ohm
Number of channels stereo
Power at 8 Ohm 10 W
Size 40х40mm
Supply voltage maximum (constant) DC 15V
Supply voltage minimum (constant) DC 7V
THD 0,1%/5W/8 Ohm

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Amplifier with adjustable D-class, PAM8610, 2x10W

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